Project Closed

Medibond Manager


Text Storage

The MediBond Platform currently only allows text storage on the blockchain, which is ideal for securely storing patients medical records.


Medical records management

Cryptographically securing the storage of all medical records, held by doctors and medical institutions. All data is stored on the blockchain, and the platform offers wallet based token authentication.


Medibond portal

Not only is the Medibond Manager open source, have also created a portal, whereby users can login and trial it on our website (above) using their Keystore/JSON File and Password.


Status - Closed

Unfortunately our project is now closed, thank you for everyone's support in the project.

MediBond Token Buy Back

We are offering to Buy Back MEDI Tokens from those who bought the tokens in our Token Sale. We have delivered our first deliverable. While we have done everything we could with our very small raise to build the product, as a gesture of goodwill, we will be offering to buy back MEDI tokens from anyone who took place in our sale. However, we will regretfully be closing Medibond from January 1st 2019, due to lack of funds and uncertain conditions.

BUY BACK ENDS: 31/12/2018

UPDATE: Following the Buy Back we have returned ETH to our investors at FIAT value.


    If you didnʼt take part in our December Buy-Back, you will still have had your initial investment returned in full FIAT value (as long as you contributed to our main ETH address or main affiliate addresses). Please check the wallet you used to participate in the sale with. In the unlikely case you donʼt see your refund in you wallet, donʼt hesitate to contact our support with your original address and MEDI balance.

    Our Buy-Back will end of the 31/12/2018. Should you want to take part in the buy back, you will need to be able to verify you took part in our Token Sale.

    The MediBond Manager cryptographically secures the storage of medical records, and can be used by doctors and medical institutions for safe storage. All of this security is provided through the blockchain. The Storage Platform is functional and can be accessed through the Medibond Portal. The manager also features wallet based (token) authentication.