Medibond Manager - Open Source Medical Storage System

Medibond Manager


Open Source

We are hoping to contribute to the inevitable blockchain revolution, which is why we have made our work open source, in order to facilitate the use of blockchain in the medical arena.


Medical records management

Cryptographically securing the storage of all medical records, held by doctors and medical institutions. All data is stored on the blockchain, and the platform offers wallet based token authentication.


Medibond portal

Not only is the Medibond Manager open source, have also created a portal, whereby users can login and trial it on our website (above) using their Keystore/JSON File and Password.


Real life application

We are currently in trial phase and encourage as many industry players as possible to come for and use our system. Please contact us with any feedback or help requests you may have.

MediBond Token Buy Back

We are offering to Buy Back MEDI Tokens from those who bought the tokens in our Token Sale. We have delivered our first deliverable, as promised, and we hope it will gain traction in the emerging world of blockchain as it continues to gain popularity. While we have done everything we could with our very small raise to build the product, as a gesture of goodwill, we will be offering to buy back MEDI tokens from anyone who took place in our sale. Please note, the Medibond Manager project will remain available for download (open source) and we hope it will gain traction in the medical world. However, we will regretfully be stopping development from January 1st 2019, due to lack of funds. While we hope you are happy with our efforts and contribution to the project, should you want to make a buyback please use the contact form, and we will provide you with details about how to verify yourself and participate in the buyback. BUY BACK ENDS: 31/12/2018


    We have made the Medibond Manager Open source, in order to encourage institutions to both use and further develop the Medibond platform. If you are in the medical industry and would like to use the Manager, please feel free to download the source code (above). Please ensure Medibond is credited in all your work, and use the contact form below to let us know if any of our code is made public.

    We encourage you to contact us, should you be interested in any form of partnership.

    Our Buy-Back will end of the 31/12/2018. Should you want to take part in the buy back, you will need to be able to verify you took part in our Token Sale.

    Should you need help using the Medibond Manager, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you get started.

    The MediBond Manager cryptographically secures the storage of medical records, and can be used by doctors and medical institutions for safe storage. All of this security is provided through the blockchain. The Storage Platform is functional and can be access through the Medibond Portal, as well as being open source. The manager is also features wallet based (token) authentication.